Easy Plumbing Improvements To Lower Your Water Bill

Published on: May 3, 2023

Easy Plumbing Improvements To Lower Your Water Bill

Attention Melbourne homeowners! Are you tired of high water bills every month? We at Drain Wizards have some easy plumbing improvements that can help you lower your water bill.

Install low-flow showerheads and faucets: These are designed to limit the amount of water that comes out while still supplying good pressure. This simple upgrade can save you a significant amount of water and money over time.

Fix leaky pipes and faucets: The smallest drip can still waste gallons of water each day. Our team of experts can quickly identify and fix any leaks in your plumbing system to prevent unnecessary water wastage.

Consider installing a high-efficiency toilet: Newer versions of toilets use as little as 1.28 gallons of water per flush, compared to older ones that might consume up to 7 gallons. This means you can potentially save thousands of gallons of water per year with a simple toilet upgrade.

Put Down the Sponge: If you have a dishwasher but still insist on washing by hand, you're wasting water. Washing by hand takes an average of 27 gallons, whereas an Energy Star dishwasher will use around 3.

Plant Native: Did you know that up to 1/3 of residential water goes to lawns and gardens? If you use native flowers, grasses, and bushes, they are acclimated to our average rainfall.

At Drain Wizards, we are committed to helping you save money and conserve water. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you lower your water bill.

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