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Rockledge FL water heatersAre you looking for a professional water heater installation company to replace an old system in your home or business? Well, you are in luck! The professionals at Drain Wizard Plumbing & Rooter are here to help with water heater Merritt Island FL and all of Brevard County Florida!

Since 2007, Drain Wizard Plumbing & Rooter Service has been providing home and business owners with a wide variety of water heater services. We are prepared to provide a fair estimate of the work required and to restore your systems to full operation! If you have received a written quote from another company, we will match them and save you up to a minimum of 5%. You can always trust that we will operate with your best interests in mind.

Gas and Electric Water Heater Repair

If it is time to say goodbye to your old water heater, contact Drain Wizard Plumbing & Rooter Service to do the job. We install and repair Gas and Electric water heaters. Not only will we assist you with choosing and installing a new water heater that meets your business or household needs, we will remove the old unit and dispose of it for you. Our goal is to get the job done in a quick efficient process so that you can get back to regular business right away.

We offer a one year warranty on all of our products and services. Our job will not be done until you’re 100% satisfied with the services we extend to you!

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Whether you are looking for a repair or replacement estimate, Drain Wizard Plumbing & Rooter Service is here to help you! With over 40 years of plumbing, rooter and heater server experience, you can be rest assured that you are in excellent hands.

You only deal with the licensed owner. So, you know that your job will be done right the first time around.

If you are looking for plumbing and water heater services or just want more information, contact the professionals at Drain Wizard by utilizing our contact form or just give us a call at 321-288-7686 to learn more!

Hot Water Heaters Gallery

Water Heater Merritt Island FL

For virtually every household (and most businesses) in Merritt Island, FL, having a reliable and available supply of warm/hot running water is an important aspect of day-to-day life.

From handwashing to dishes, bathing, cooking and laundry, the average Merritt Island resident uses hot and/or warm water up to 20-times daily!

Add in appliances and additional household members and its easy to see how your current hot water heater could become overwhelmed by the demand.

At some point, the time will come when your water heater fails to meet demand or begins to show signs of wear, damage, or even outright failure.

Even the best water heaters have a lifespan around 10 years or so (depending on the make and model).

Signs That the Water Heater at Your Merritt Island FL residence Has Seen Better Days

Is a replacement on the horizon?

1. Age

Waiting for your water heater to fail isn’t generally the best course of action, leaving you and your family randomly without water (likely when you need it most). Trouble is, most Merritt Island area homeowners are unsure of when a water heater may need to be replaced.

How Long do Hot Water Heaters Last?

Most hot water heaters last between 8-15 years, with 10 being the average timeframe when most will need to be replaced.

2. Rusty Water or Valves

Even the best steel is susceptible to corrosion over time. Rust can quickly eat through metal, serving as a visual indication that the unit is damaged and may be developing weak areas where leaks could occur in the future. Be it rust on the outside of the unit, or rusty water, either could be a sign that its time to have your hot water heater inspected, and perhaps replaced.

3. Strange Noises from Your Water Heater

Increased noises such as rumbling can become louder as a unit ages, and may indicate problems such as buildup of sediment which can accelerate damage and reduce efficiency. In general, water heaters should operate quietly.

4. Leaks

An obvious tell-tale sign of a failing water heater are leaks. No matter how small, any leak can quickly lead to a more serious failure if not quickly addressed.

5. Insufficient Hot Water

Do you notice that your family tends to ‘run out’ of hot water? That should never be the case. Lack of hot water is usually an indicator of one of two things: either you’ve outgrown or outpaced the water heater’s capacity to meet the growing needs of your household, or you’re heating is failing. In some cases, a mishap such as an accidentally lowered thermostat or a broken heating element can be fixed. In others, replacement is a more ideal option.

The Benefits of a New Water Heater

A new hot water heater is an investment in your home’s comfort, efficiency and utility. It is a purchase that with proper care will last for upwards of a decade, providing you and yours with hot water on demand.

  • Reduced Energy Costs: An old or failing hot water heater can end up costing you big. Reduced performance means increased energy costs that can add up fast.
  • Reliable Hot Water: Perhaps the biggest benefit is also the most obvious. Hot water, when you want it, on demand. The right water heater will be matched to your home’s unique demand, ensuring that no matter how much stress you put on it, you always have a ready supply of hot water to meet demand.
  • Improved Home Value: For those looking to sell, a new hot water heater can be yet one more selling point, adding value to the property.

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