Advantages of replacing my cast iron sewer pipes

Published on: April 7, 2022

Cast iron pipes were used for decades as a preferred solution for plumbing and sewer pipes. However, much of this old infrastructure is now reaching the end of its lifespan (50-100 years), making now an opportune time to replace cast iron pipe with PVC or other solutions before issues arise.

Benefits of Replacing Cast Iron Pipe

  1. Lightweight alternatives make installation, replacement, and repairs easier and more affordable.
  2. Better flexibility, with newer materials much more resistant to shifts in the ground and soil, as well as protection from storm, water, or root damage.
  3. More durable, with materials such as PVC capable of handling high pressure, high movement, heat, and cold.
  4. Tighter joints means less chance of developing a leak in the future (as compared to cast iron and terracotta clay).
  5. Cleaner water in drinking pipes, with materials such as PVC impervious to rust and corrosion.

Still Not Convinced? Here are Some Disadvantages of Cast Iron Pipes:

  • Limited lifespan
  • Prone to corrosion
  • Heavy (leads to sinking in ground and cracking)
  • Expensive to repair

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