Are supply chain issues causing issues for the plumbing industry?

Published on: May 18, 2022

Its no doubt that the economic effects of the global pandemic linger on. Despite gaining a semblance of control over the COVID-19 pandemic, logistical and supply chain issues still abound across a multitude of industries.

But are these supply chain issues impacting the plumbing industry?

The short answer is yes

Inflationary pressures, combined with supply chain and logistic issues with the shipment of raw materials and parts, has led to an increase in prices across all construction markets, including plumbing.

Combined with labor shortages and a high demand for construction and remodeling across several sectors, this could have a significant impact on both the costs of competing projects, as well as timelines for completion.

Consumers planning on plumbing upgrades or replacements would be wise to work with their local contractor in advance, scheduling and planning for projects now rather than later, and before costs of raw materials and parts go up.

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