Cast Iron vs PVC Pipes

Published on: July 7, 2021

When it comes to cast iron vs PVC pipes in plumbing applications, the two primary drivers behind the decision are price and performance. Although cast iron was the preferred material for decades, PVC has more recently become a staple in modern plumbing. But which is best?

Durability: Cast iron pipes are known to last for decades (sometimes as long as 100+ years). However, one downside is that they are susceptible to rust. PVC on the other hand, can last as just as long in some applications, but it doesn’t do as well with high temperatures (can expand and damage), and is not fireproof.

Cost: PVC is considerably cheaper than is cast iron.

Ease of Use: PVC also wins in this category, as it can be easily manipulated, moved and customized to meet unique needs.

Noise: Given PVC’s less dense construction, noise can be significantly greater with PVC piping.

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