The Most Common Plumbing Issues in Brevard

Published on: July 15, 2021

Florida, Brevard County included, is a state prone to weather conditions that can pose unique challenges to plumbing systems. This may make some types of plumbing issues more common for Brevard area residents than around the rest of the nation.

Mineral Build-Up / Scaling: Many areas throughout Florida receive water from a process called reverse osmosis purification, while those homes on well water often experience high levels of sulfur. Beachfront properties can also be at risk for mineral build-up. All of these scenarios can result in scaling, a process in which minerals build up in home piping, causing issues with water pressure and potentially damaging pipes.

Corrosion and Leaks: Brevard County’s warm weather and humid climate are perfect for fostering bacterial growth. Because of this, water in the area is often more highly chlorinated to make it safe for use in homes and businesses. However, the blend of chlorine with dissolved oxygen and hydrogen sulfide common in Florida’s water supply can become corrosive in pipes, deteriorating them and causing leaks, especially at vulnerable joints.

Clogged Drains and Toilets: Although not exclusive to Brevard County by any means, clogged pipes, drains and toilets remain one of the leading plumbing issues across the board.

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