The Right & Wrong Way to Plunge Your Toilet

Published on: January 26, 2022

We’ve all had to plunge a toilet that’s being difficult. But are you sure you’ve been doing it the right way? Turns out, there’s a right and wrong way to plunge your toilet for best results. Let’s take a look.

The Right Way to Plunge Your Toilet

First, if it appears your toilet may overflow, DO NOT continue to ‘flush’ it. First, give it around 10 minutes or so to let the water in the bowl slowly drain down a little (hopefully).
Next, find the water supply valve and turn it off (clockwise).

If the water level is still too high after about 10min, remove some with a cup or bucket. If, however, the bowl is dry or has drained out, add enough water to fill the toilet bowl about ½ way (this will improve suction).

Use a FLANGE-style plunger, NOT a generic CUP-style plunger. Flange style plungers are made specifically for toilets and to achieve a deeper tighter seal for better suction.
Dip the plunger into the bowl until the top bell is covered with water. The rubber ring should be placed over the drain opening.

Push down then pull up in a fast, deliberate thrust, repeating this action for around 20-seconds without removing the plunger from the drain or breaking the seal.

If the toilet remains clogged, it may be time to consider a drain snake or call a professional for assistance.

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