Top Ways to Make Your Plumbing More Energy-Efficient

Published on: July 28, 2022

Protect Your Pipes

This one is really straightforward, but it's also easy to do and has a high-profit margin. Most pipe insulation is just foam that has been cut into lengths and attached to the pipes. There is also foam tape that may be manually wrapped around the pipes for awkward spaces.

Replace that Old Water Heater

The least effective technique to heat water is if you use a typical tank-style water heater. A typical household uses 64 gallons of water every day, costing between $400 and $600 annually. If the water heater is more than ten years old, efficiency is even lower.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

Every load of laundry uses a lot of hot water, and while performing only full loads might help you save money, getting a new Energy-Star certified washing machine can help you save much more. The finest models have a high integrated modified energy factor, which indicates that, depending on the rating, they could use up to 45% less energy than typical top-load versions.

Reduce Distance from Hot Water

Have a plumber install a low-power water recirculation pump if the water heater is far from the faucet where you use it to cut down on wait times and water wastage.

Install Water-Saving Fixtures

Low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators, for example, can help you consume fewer gallons of water each day, which lowers the quantity of water the water heater needs to heat.

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