Why Does My Drain Keep Clogging?

Published on: August 25, 2021

Clogged drains are a common issue faced by home and business owners alike. Its also a frustrating problem to face, especially when you need to use the sink, tub or shower that’s clogged.

But why does your drain keep clogging in the first place?

Common Reasons Why Your Drain Keeps Clogging:

Specific Types of Food Items: Not all food breaks down like watery mash potatoes. So what are the culprits? Any type of fibrous food (think husks), shells (nuts and eggs) and other generally ‘tough’ foods. If its hard to chew in your mouth, its probably hard to break down in your drain.

Oils and Grease: Oils and grease is liquid at warm and hot temperatures, but quickly transforms into a thick, viscous or even solid form at room and cold temperatures. Never put these down your drainpipe.

Hair: Hair is a BIG culprit, especially in showers and baths. Even a little can end up creating a tangled mess that knots up and clogs a drain. Luckily, a simple drain guard and/or drain catcher can help prevent the majority of hair from ever clogging your pipes.

Non-Food Items: Whether by accident, or from a curious child, sometimes foreign objects make their way down the drain where they become lodged and clog your pipes.

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