5 Common Signs of Plumbing Problems

Published on: July 20, 2022

All homeowners will eventually face issues with their plumbing. It can be difficult to distinguish between plumbing issues that are simple and inexpensive to solve, and those that are more complex or expensive. You might not always even be aware that an issue exists.

5 Common Signs of Plumbing Problems

  1. Low Water Pressure: Low pressure could be a sign that your pipes are clogged with something. To find out what's wrong with the plumbing, call a plumber if the water pressure in your home suddenly drops.
  2. Slow Drainage: All pipes and drains are prone to slow drainage from time to time, but if your drains are leaving water standing behind, have become entirely clogged, or if several drains are not emptying, you need to call a plumber.
  3. Water Spots: Water spots on floors, walls, or ceilings can indicate excessive moisture or a small leak that is causing significant damage.
  4. Higher Than Usual Water Bills: This may be indicative of a leak somewhere in the house. Even a small leak can add up to hundreds of dollars in added expense.
  5. Rattling Pipes: Although usually not a major issue, over time, loose rattling pipes can cause seals to loosen and pipes to break.

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