Funny Ways to Prevent Shower Clogs

Published on: June 1, 2022

Shave in the Living Room

Kidding. Kind of. Shaving in the shower means hair down the drain. Hair is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to shower clogs. While you don’t have to shave in the living room or bedroom, consider shaving in the bathroom but out of the shower.

Get Creative with Drain Covers

A drain cover is a cheap and reliable way to help filter out hair and other large items like chunks of soap or kids’ toys from going down the pipes. But you can also use some odd/funny solutions in you’re in a pinch. Namely dryer sheets. These sheets, when placed over the drain, act as a filter for hair and other particulates. Similarly, you can use a washcloth in its place.

Hair Nets – not just for Grandma anymore

For both men and women, a hair net is a trusty, cheap, and easy way to prevent shower drain clogs from shedding hair.

Stick to the Hose Fido!

Our pets are known to get down and dirty. Their fur can hold quite a bit of dirt, grime, particulates, and more. None of which you want going down your drain. Consider buying a small plastic kiddie pool and invest in a hose instead. Give them their bath outside and save yourself the hassle of a clogged shower drain.

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