How to Avoid Hair From Clogging Your Drain

Published on: May 26, 2021

We all shed hair (some of us more than others). Due to the stringy nature of hair, it takes surprisingly little to cause a clog in your drain and/or pipes. Hair is notorious for knotting up and collecting and trapping debris, making it among the top reasons we get called out for clogged drains.

In this guide we’ll cover surefire things you can do to avoid hair from clogging your own drains, saving yourself the cost of a service call, and the mess and hassle of a sink or tub that just won’t drain.

  1. Brush your hair BEFORE you shower: This will remove any loose hairs that would have otherwise come out when shampooing your head.
  2. Install a Hair Catcher: These affordable and easy to install drain add-ons are engineered to let water seep through, while effectively catching hairs before they cause a clog. Be sure to clean them out regularly though.
  3. Clear your Drain with Boiling Water: Once or twice a month, consider flushing out your drain with boiling hot water. This can remove layers of sticky film that may catch hairs that make it into the drain.
  4. Don’t Let Problems Simmer: Drain clogs caused by hair rarely resolve on their own, requiring professional or DIY intervention. DIY options include a mix of baking soda and vinegar to loosen things up, or the use of a noncorrosive drain cleaner. If those don’t work, your next step is to give us a call.

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