How to Remove the Toilet Bowl Ring?

Published on: January 13, 2022

Let’s face it. The toilet bowl is one of the least appealing parts of your home to clean. Adding unpleasantness to the whole ordeal is the dreaded ‘toilet bowl ring’. No matter how cleanly you are, toilet bowls are notorious for forming a ‘ring’ of grime that’s difficult to remove.

Often caused by a range of factors such as bacteria, mold, and mineral buildup, this ring is challenging but not impossible to tackle yourself.

Below we cover a few options to tackle this problem:

  1. Bleach Solution – best for mold or bacteria-created toilet bowl rings
  2. Toilet Cleaner – All purpose and generally works well (although they often use harsh chemicals). Always follow the manufacture’s instructions and wear safety gear.
  3. DIY All Natural Solution – Baking soda and vinegar solution
    a. Pour 1-cup of distilled vinegar into the toilet bowl
    b. Mix this around with a toilet bowl brush and let sit 1-minute
    c. Add 1-cup of baking soda
    d. Add another 2 cups of vinegar (this will fizzle)
    e. Let the solution sit for 10 minutes then scrub with a brush
    f. Flush toilet

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