Plumbing Issues You Should Never DIY

Published on: June 30, 2022

Between YouTube and HGTV, everyone is a ‘handyman’ (or woman) these days. While some jobs can be both challenging and rewarding to take on yourself, there are other plumbing issues that are best left to the professionals.

Lack of tools, experience, and safety risks are among those reasons why hiring a pro makes sense for some of these more challenging and/or technical jobs.

Gas Leaks: Some appliances that use water are also powered by gas. At the first sign of gas, call a professional, shut off gas (if possible) and consider leaving the house until it's inspected.

Flooding: Flooding is a dangerous situation that can cause floors and ceilings to become unstable, pose a risk of health hazards, and can cause electrical shorting.

Drain and Sewer Line Clogs: While minor drainage issues can often be DIY’d, in other cases many good-intentioned DIYers end up causing more harm than good. DIY solutions can damage pipes and even compact clogs, making them worse.

Dealing with Standing Water: Similar to a flood, there are unknowns under the water that could be dangerous. From loose materials to sewer spillage and submerged electrical outlets.

Installing Appliances: Apart from proper installation, DIY installs may void warranties.

Frozen Pipes: Unthawing pipes in an uncontrolled manner could result in pipes bursting at the seams, resulting in a mess requiring significant repairs.

Burst Pipes: This is an emergency plumbing situation best left to professionals who can be on site fast. Commercial drying equipment and speed of action can save you big.

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