Preparing your plumbing for going out of town on vacation

Published on: December 21, 2021

Going out of town on vacation is exciting! In addition to kicking back and relaxing, you can usually count on some warm weather, a nice tan, and much needed R&R. However, one thing that may come to mind if you're leaving your house unattended for a while is whether or not your plumbing will be at risk of damage, flooding or worse.

Quick Tips on Preparing Your Plumbing For Going out Of Town On Vacation:

  1. Shut Off the Main Water Valve.
  2. Make sure to drain any sprinklers in use.
  3. Turn down the temperature on your hot water heater to save on energy costs.
  4. Clean out your garbage disposal so no old food sits in there rotting and stinking your Merritt Island Florida property.
  5. Do a quick check for leaks or signs of water damage.
  6. Turn off or unplug all water-using appliances.
  7. Ask a Neighbor to Check In on the place while you’re out of town.

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