Should I Call a Plumber if My Dishwasher Doesn’t Drain?

Published on: January 20, 2022

Not always. Of course we’re always ready to help, and if you don’t have time to try any DIY solutions, then certainly give us a call. However, some homeowners would rather give it a go themselves if possible. Although not always effective, when it is, it can save the cost of a service call from a plumber.

Below we cover a few options on how to get your dishwasher to drain. When these fail, give us a call and we’ll get the issue resolved quickly and affordably.

  1. Run Another Cycle: sometimes the original cycle simply didn’t complete its draining stage. Running it again might resolve the issue.
  2. Run the Garbage Disposal: Did you know that the line from your dishwasher often feeds into that of your garbage disposal? Running the disposal with running water for 30-60 seconds might be all you need to clear the line.
  3. Clean the Sinks ‘air gap’: In cases where your dishwasher connects directly to the sink without a garbage disposal, cleaning out the air gap can get your dishwasher draining again. Usually made from stainless steel, this small slotted cylinder is located at the top of the underside of the sink, next to the faucet.

A small hose from the air gap connects to the dishwasher’s drain hose. This acts as a vent to prevent an airlock from forming in the drain hose, but occasionally, the air gap can become clogged with debris. To investigate, twist the air gap counterclockwise to remove it, and check it for gunk. Clean the air gap with water and a stiff brush, replace it, and run the dishwasher cycle again.

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