What To Do About Discolored Tap Water?

Published on: July 13, 2022

The sudden occurrence of brown water coming from plumbing entering is a regular issue that we assist homeowners with. At first, brown water may be concerning, and the majority of owners assume this indicates there is poison in their drinking water. That’s not often the case, but there are things you can do to address the issue.

1) When In Doubt, Flush it Out

To clear out internal plumbing from light brownish water,, try running a cold water tap for five to ten minutes. Similarly, try two or three flushes in the toilets. Wait about an hour before flushing again if the initial cold water flush does not solve the issue.

2) See if the City can help

You should contact the town or municipality if your water is suddenly and still brown after flushing. Find out whether it is coming from their pipes. Tell the city's utility company to check the pipes so they can use a fire hydrant to flush the brown water out.

3) Determine if Discoloration is With Hot Water Only

If just hot water is being used when the discoloration appears, the water heater may need to be flushed out.

4) Call a Professional Plumber

A plumber will be able to inspect your plumbing system in order to determine any underlying causes of water discoloration, offering fast and affordable solutions to help remedy the situation.

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