Shower Remodeling Tips

Published on: May 17, 2024

Shower Remodeling Tips

Drain Wizards is here with essential advice for Palm Bay FL homeowners looking to upgrade their showers. A shower remodel enhances home value and personal satisfaction. Here’s how to accomplish it effectively:

Planning & Design: Start with a thorough plan. Consider the size and shape of the room, and if you prefer a step-in shower or a tub combo. How can a new shower improve your bathroom’s functionality and look?

Choose Durable Materials: In Palm Bay’s humid climate, select materials like porcelain tiles or natural stone for durability and easy maintenance.

Water Efficiency: Invest in water-efficient fixtures to conserve water and reduce utility bills. It’s a win for both the environment and your wallet.

Adequate Ventilation: Good ventilation is key to preventing mold and mildew. Your remodel should ensure proper airflow with an exhaust fan or windows.

Lighting: Good lighting is essential. Use waterproof recessed lighting in the shower and ambient lights for atmosphere.

Proper Waterproofing: Prevent water damage and mold growth by ensuring everything is watertight— don’t forget to protect your walls and floors.

Professional Plumbing Check: Always consult a professional plumber to ensure your plumbing supports the remodel and complies with local regulations.

Thoughtful planning leads to a beautiful, functional shower space. For expert shower remodeling services in Palm Bay Florida, Drain Wizards is your go-to team. Let's create your ideal bathroom together!

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