Top 5 ways to save money on your water bill

Published on: November 24, 2021

Trying to save money by reducing your monthly bills in Cape Canaveral, FL? Now might be a good time to re-evaluate how you use your water.

Although water is unlikely to be your most expensive utility, it is one of the simplest ones to reduce for Cape Canaveral residents and businesses alike. Small adjustments can add up to big savings over time by adjusting your water bill.

Here are some suggestions for lowering your water bill in Cape Canaveral:

  • Inspect your appliances frequently and maintain them
  • Convert or install low-flow toilets
  • Add aerators to your faucets
  • Upgrade to Energy Star appliances (this will help with your electricity bill, too!)
  • Take shorter showers (obvious)
  • Use your dishwasher (you use far more water hand washing dishes than your dishwasher will)

If you need help with any or all of these tips, then Drain Wizards can help!

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