Unique Plumbing Challenges in Old & Historic Homes

Published on: July 8, 2022

Even when you've identified the issues with your antiquated fixtures or piping, actually getting them fixed can be a difficult challenge of its own undertaking.

Restoring and renovating (or even repairing) plumbing in old and historic homes presents certain obstacles that only an experienced plumber can help you overcome.

Below we discuss a few of the unique challenges owners of old and historic homes face with regard to plumbing issues.

Some of the things homeowners of historic houses often run into include:

Code Violations: A majority of historic and old homes pre-date the city’s and county’s building codes. This often requires additional permitting to ensure that old (outdated and potentially unsafe) plumbing is now brought up to modern standards.

Uncovering Unknown Issues: The uncovering of additional issues hidden beneath walls and out of sight. It is quite common for simple ‘quick fixes’ to transform into much bigger projects with old and historic homes.

Historic Home Regulations: Some homes may be under an additional set of rules, such as those for the state, city, or county’s historic societies. This often means STRICT regulations as to what can and can’t be updated, changed, or modified without taking away from the homes’ original craftsmanship.

Difficult to Work With Materials: Old, dry wood, plaster walls, galvanized instead of copper pipe, and more, can all present challenges that make any repair a more difficult one.

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